Community media cafe research – week 3 at the Wotspace

First things first, this component of Unit/module 2503 isn’t blogs based on the community media cafe. It’s based on the research and things that can contribute towards the cafe in […]

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Is skills development the answer to economic and social upgradation in the Global South? Some reflections on evidence from India

Anita Hammer reflects on the skills debate, and identifies the obstacles to the development of competitive skills ecosystems in the context of the political economy of India. Skills are considered the answer to economic development and reduction in inequality in … Continue reading

Assigning roles

Our group consists of five members, Jake Liggins, James Brinson, Paynton Jepson, Adam Davies and myself. We have quite a large group and felt it necessary to assign ourselves with a role so that everything ran smoothly and effectively. I am a big fan of image sharing so I decided I would take the role […]

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Studying previous group projects.

We took some time to have a look through past students group projects to get an idea of an effective group and a group that perhaps had the potential to do well but did not orchestrate their ideas effectively. A group that stands out to me particularly is the “Extreme Ironing” project. They have a […]

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R.I.P Ledge Skateshop

The past few months have seen some massive losses in skateboarding (Dylan Reider, Cliche Skateboards), but on Sunday 14th November, Ledge Skate shop in Leicester closed its doors for the final time. When moving to Leicester, I didn’t know any skaters here. … Continue reading

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