Cakes’N’Dessert – Ice Cream Creation

This being our last week for the social group, it was time to recreate the ice cream we had at Gelato Village. This preparation to all of this was slightly different to what we’ve done before. We actually created the ice cream at the time we did the brownies, to let the ice cream freeze for awhile. We met up to eat the ice cream a week later as we didn’t know how long it would take hours to freeze..


Charlie, like most of the time has been the best in organising us and getting the ingredients we need. Creating the ice cream was more straight forward than I initially thought. Mixing the cream, milk, vanilla and sugar together in a bowel. During the process of mixing I realised we didn’t have enough cream, so we had to make do with the ice cream possibly being really really sweet.

The end result coming back a week later was quite surprising. The ice cream looked okay but definitely did not look like chocolate ice cream at all!? However the look of it was very deceiving! The ice cream actually tasted really nice and not as sweet as I predicted it to be. I’d rate it better than the ice cream we had at Gelato Village for £4. In that sense it was probably our best recreation.


In saying that then, we saved the best till last in our recreations! A very nice tub of ice cream. I might consider creating my own soon, you never know. Here’s some of the updates on our social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

See you soon!

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