This week, we are finally ready to record the very first L.B.L Views video! The group arranged to meet briefly beforehand to discuss the order of things to make sure recording ran smoothly do that we wouldn’t run out of time (the room that we were in was scheduled for another booking after us so we couldn’t risk overrunning). We quickly scouted the room to find the best source of lighting as well as backdrop to fit with how we had planned it out to look, plain and simple. We then set up Ayanna’s microphone and opted to use one of our laptops ready for recording. The reason we decided against booking out a camera is that it was a busy period where everyone was wanting cameras to be loaned meaning we would have to potentially wait another week just to take one out and the time constraints of our schedule just wouldn’t allow it.


Before we launched ourselves into the questions, we had a play around with the set up and recorded a few test shots just to check that the camera quality and audio were sufficient. Us being us, we got a little carried away and ended up recording way too many of these however once we wrapped up filming, we decided to use the bloopers to create and intro just to add a little personality to the video. As far as recording goes, I think that we all picked it up very naturally as soon as the camera rolled and we got to express ourselves in the way that we envisioned. A huge weight has been lifted with that now out of the way and I’m excited to see how the outcome will look now.

Stay tuned for my following post where I will be discussing some of my part of the editing process.

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