Shooting Up In The Heights!


On this shoot, me, and my best friend, Takunda, my cousin Antwi and his best friend Didi travelled to a location called the Northern Heights. Coincidentally, we managed to finish working at our jobs at the same time on this day and so, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get creative and we needed some inspiration of something to do. I direct messaged each of them the Northern Heights location and they were all as eager and excited to shoot here as much as I was. Beforehand, we decided to quickly grab lunch at my workplace Nando’s, just to get our energy up. In these images, I wanted to capture the breath-taking landscape as we all agreed it was truly mesmerising. All of us couldn’t stop looking around at the scenery as seen in the video. It was a great experience to get my friends and cousin involved into my passion. We posted these shots onto our Instagram’s as a way to share the amazing day we had and of course the beautiful surroundings. Shooting here made me realise my love for nature and the outdoors as I enjoy getting out and about.

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