About Atanas Doykov

Atanas Doykov has dedicated the past 5 years in writing on different subjects for various occasions. His focus is set on culture, avoiding political thematics, and creates content that encapsulates the world of Today.

The Drainage – raising public awareness

How to raise public awareness through social media and encourage people to change their behaviour? This was given to us as a brief in our Communication Arts module. The issues about Floods and Water Scarcity, I’ve covered in the previous blogs, have persisted, despite a variety of campaigns that have taken place over the years. […]

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Floods – a wet killer dressed in blue

Floods can strike anywhere, anytime. Every year they claim the lives of thousands of people and cause millions of pounds in damages. Overflowing rivers, blocked drainages, and severe rainfalls are some of the things that cause floods. Besides the crushing brute force of the water that can lay in ruins whole neighborhoods, floods create optimal […]

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Water Scarcity – A Global Issue

Water is an essential resource that is of paramount importance when it comes to sustainable ecosystems. Despite the fact that 71% of the surface of our planet is covered by water, 97% of it is too salty to drink. And given the fact that 2% of the remaining water resources are locked in ice, there […]

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Community media cafés – an insight

When it comes to community cafés a variety of organisations are keen on the idea of running one that acts as a revenue earner, focal point or as a training opportunity for the centre users and local people (wyeparish.info, 2017). But why the concept of a ‘café’ is prevailing over other forms of community engagements […]

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