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My name is Ewan Christopher Gray and this is my DMU blog

Social media group project- Layout of the videos and pre-production

For the videos, me and my group plan on filming the baking process from start to finish. Creating a sort of tutorial of how to bake these sweet treats and such, probably starting with the ingredients that one would need to make the food and then creating dough and what not. Once we’ve filmed the […]

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Social media group project- Social media :)

For this week we decided that we should create some social media for our project. – heres a video explaining how to use twitter! I created, and will run the twitter account for our group. To start the twitter account off I decided to follow a couple of food blogs that will hopefully provide some […]

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Social media group project- Inspiration!!

In this weeks blog I will talk about my inspiration for this project 🙂 I will talk about the inspiration for the sweets we plan on making and the way I wish our videos turn out. I don’t really cook that much but I have watched a number of cooking shows and blogs so I […]

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Bake it till you make it- Group project!

Welcome BACK to the blog! Today we’ll talking about my group project involving bake baking.   For coursework 2 we were going to move into groups. My group consists of Me, Natasha and Melissa, those in the photo above. Our group project involves baking a variety of sweet treats each week and filming our process […]

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