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I'm the last step that always sends you tumbling back down.

Blog Post 8: The Effect

So with the planning stage for our project practically over I thought that I would take a look at how films can affect the world around us and how reviews can affect our opinions of films. It’s no secret that films are a big part of our society today but they have also helped shape […]

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Blog Post 7: The Experience

Okay, so we have our 10 films the next step is probably just as important where do we watch them? All individually and then come together? No. That would go against what we wanted to achieve which is use film as a way of bringing people together and make it more of an event. As […]

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Blog Post 6: The Decisions

We decided that we would all choose two films as the project lasts 10 weeks it meant we all had an equal opportunity to bring forward our ideas/favourite films however we wanted to have some constraints to keep the viewings interesting. These were: if the film was a part of a franchise it had to be […]

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