Introduction to Enterprise & Entrepreneurship – The Fox’s Lair! Dr Ed Thompson & Andrew Nicholson

A first year undergraduate enterprise project strongly linked to SMEs and entrepreneurs. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr Ed Thompson & Andrew Nicholson… AACSB Innovations That Inspire – Fox’s Lair … Continue reading

Promoting Undergraduate Research: Dr Alison Statham

In Partnership with the Political Studies Association, DMU Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) launched a national undergraduate research conference in Politics, International Relations, and related disciplines. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr … Continue reading

BusinessWorks: Student-led Community Projects: Dr Robert Bradshaw

These student-led projects provide a method to capture skills and knowledge from across the university to provide creative solutions to live business problems. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr Robert Bradshaw… AACSB … Continue reading

Peer Mentoring and Peer Learning: Jason Eyre and William Murithi

This clip evaluates the effectiveness of the pedagogic approach of students, whereby students work together in a number of ways to enhance each- others learning.  Jason and William identify and evaluate studies and the academic support for the use of … Continue reading

Delivering Student Conferences: Avril Buchanan and Louise Buckingham

Avril and Louise explained the reasons for and benefits to students learning for the development of academic skills.  After evaluation of student feedback and communications they decided to develop a conference with a variety of skills for academic success, whereby … Continue reading

Dyslexic Learners: Julie Lowe

Julie discusses the importance of supporting students at DMU as the university has a high proportion of students with learning differences. She evaluates the importance of inclusivity at DMU especially in the regard to the government changes in funding to … Continue reading

High Street the VLE Community: Dr Rob Weale & Bernadette Gregory

Rob discusses the technical development of High Street as a Virtual Learning Environment built within Blackboard platform. It is a flexible tool that can be continually adapted to include updates in the field of the NHS and Social Welfare. The … Continue reading

e-Learning with Large Groups: Jenny Carter

Jenny discusses how she is implementing the distance learning pedagogic approaches to the large on site groups for MScs in Intelligence systems and Robotics.  She is basically expanding the use of Lecture Capture, and resources through blackboard and specialist computing … Continue reading

e-Portfolios and Reflective Journals: Ros Lishman

Ros discusses how Reflective Journals are embedded into the professional Housing courses and how they are used to evaluate real work scenarios and enhance skills.  These journals are a compulsory element of her courses but they are now in the … Continue reading

Reflective Academic Practice for Policing Students: Stephen Christopher

Stephen examines the development of the use of reflective journals on the Policing Degree.  Reflective e-journals are embedded into the Practice route, which allows the training police to reflect on their experience in the field. The use of the e-journal … Continue reading