[TECH 3501] Taking that First Step

Visual Impairment in International Community Media EXPO For me personally, the blogpost title ‘”Taking that First Step” carries multiple meanings. The attempt to discuss visual impairment during International Community Media EXPO marks my first step in advocating for visually impaired … Continue reading

[TECH 3501] Visual Impairment around the Globe

In last blog post, we talked about visual impairment in Malaysia context. Well, Stevens is far from alone in his experience with blindness. The LATEST report released by World Health Organization (WHO) during World Sight Day 2018 estimates that a … Continue reading

[TECH 3501] A Journey in the Dark

Journey in the Dark (JID), an event hosted by Diploma in Mass Communication students from IACT College in 2015. I came across Dialogue in the Dark three years back, when my class of 40 was required to create and host … Continue reading

[TECH 3501] SEED Foundation

Empowering Transgenders in Malaysia Before we begin the discussion about SEED Foundation, I would like to provide a basic introduction about the history of gender diversity in Malaysia as well as the history and struggles of transgender community in Malaysia. … Continue reading