As a media/film student, I am often criticised by the seemingly more “hard-core” film students for having a bad taste in films. This angers me immensely. If I enjoy a film, then I […]

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Blog Winner: Janvi Pala gains crucial employability skills

With my initial interest in primary education, I began my volunteering journey in my first year with DSU volunteering, where I was part of the ‘Right to read’ programme at Imperial Avenue School writes Square Mile paired reading volunteer, Janvi … Continue reading

Blog Winner: Sarah Clarke “Teach your mentee that they are important, special and valued”

I have learnt that mentoring is about nurturing and encouraging, not just academic attainment writes Volunteer Mentor, Sarah Clark. The simple logic underpinning mentoring is consistency, which builds a relationship of trust that will inevitably teach your mentee that they … Continue reading

“After my volunteering experience, I feel I am ready to embark into the world of teaching”

It is unbelievable to see how much of an impact you can make as a volunteer, writes DMU classroom assistant Afreen Ahmed. I started volunteering in a primary school working with children in year one. I was assigned to work … Continue reading

“Mentoring is the most rewarding piece of volunteer work I have had the opportunity to be a part of”

Working with children for the first time was one of the many new and exciting challenges I faced when joining the mentoring scheme at New College Leicester writes Volunteer Mentor, Jonathan Boreland. The mentoring scheme aims to benefit students academically … Continue reading

EARS2 – New Educational Tool for Schools

Name: Professor Leigh Landy Position: Director of Music, Technology & Innovation Centre Faculty: Art, Design & Humanities Research Topic: Electro Acoustic Resource Site (EARS2)  About Professor Leigh Landy Professor Leigh Landy is involved in an educational project that has a … Continue reading

Research: the Five Praises Project

The Five Praises campaign is a project designed to encourage parents and caregivers to provide their children with loving care and attention. This campaign aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the young pre-school children by regularly praising them … Continue reading