Can Community Media cafés address voice poverty? My Thoughts.

Voice poverty is an issue that is often affects different groups of people. It is where a group may go underrepresented in the ‘mainstream media’ or a particular view isn’t covered as much as others, for example, political views that … Continue reading

The end of TECH2503’s Community Media Café!

The six weeks of running the community media cafés at The Chapel Café in Leicester have been really great. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time we’ve been given to chat with other people and encourage other people to take time out … Continue reading

My Social Concern – An Update!

As I have already shared in a previous blog post, Week Seven – My Social Concern, I chose recycling and ‘greener living’ as my social concern for the Community Media Café. From weeks 1-5 I have shared tips and information … Continue reading

Anti-social Behaviour in Prague

For the most part, anti-social behaviour is fairly unseen in Prague. For the week I spent there I never noticed an issue with litter, noise, or even drugs. I was very surprised by the latter since upon arrival I quickly … Continue reading

Week Five – A chat with Martin Treanor

Week Five of The Chapel Community Media Café In week five of the Community Media Cafe, we had the pleasure of being joined by Amazon bestselling author, Martin Treanor, where we spoke about all things books, writing, horror and more! … Continue reading

When Misbehaviour Becomes Criminal Activity

Anti-social behaviour doesn’t just cover petty crimes and addictions. There are many more offences that fall under the same umbrella such as, vandalism, drug production and supplying, and arson. With crime comes punishment and these aren’t taken lightly. According to … Continue reading

Community Media and a Stronger Sense of Community

There are two articles about community and community media that are worth reading from today’s Guardian. The first is a brief account by Anna Bawden of the role of community media in the UK, and the potential for a not-for-profit focus on the new Small Scale DAB proposals. “Lucinda Guy, chair of the Community Media […]

Continue reading