Developing CampusM using Docker Containers

Back in December, I created a mobile app for Android and Apple using Ionic with AngularJS.  I did this using my desktop running GNU/Linux.  Traditionally, when a developer works with lots of technologies through her desktop new work can eventually … Continue reading

Urban Futures Podcast – the Grounded City with Karel Williams

We are delighted to launch CURA’s “Urban Futures” podcast series with this edition on the “Grounded City” with Karel Williams, Professor of Accounting and Political Economy at the University of Manchester. If you use iTunes click here to listen and download the … Continue reading

Baltimore: Governing Two Cities in ‘Crisis’

Madeleine Pill reports on findings from a second round of research in Baltimore  carried out as part of the collaborative governance under austerity project, sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of its Urban Transformations Network, and led by Prof. Jonathan Davies. Baltimore exemplifies … Continue reading

Labour-Centred Development in Latin America: Two cases of alternative development

In todays post, Adam Fishwick offers an overview of the main arguments and highlight some of the key empirical findings of research published recently in Geoforum. Co-authored with Ben Selwyn, the article discusses alternative models of development that go beyond the … Continue reading