Week Four – The Zinthiya Trust and the Community Shop

Week Four of The Chapel Community Media Café In week four of the Community Media Café I was introduced to The Zinthiya Trust and the Community Shop, both projects ran by a group of inspiring people. The Zinthiya Trust is … Continue reading

Around the world in 80 hits! Pt 2

In part one we looked at the contrast of peoples reaction from religion & violence to non symbolic public violence. We also began the venture into cultural practices and acts of abuse starting with FGC/FGM. Today I want to look … Continue reading

Around the world in 80 hits! Pt 1

The journey of finding out more about domestic violence or abuse takes me to another area. Following my last post about acts of violence in public I posed the question, what would you do? I want to revisit the experiment … Continue reading

Week Two, Veganuary and The Green Place!

Week Two of The Chapel Community Media Café In the second week of the community media café, I invited Alan along, who is a regular visitor of The Green Place community café and has been helping out with some of … Continue reading

First week of our Community Media Café!

Week One of The Chapel Community Media Café In the first week of TECH2503’s Community Media Café at The Chapel Café in Leicester I had the pleasure of chatting with blogger, Valera. Valera runs a photoblog, in which he posts … Continue reading

What would you do?

What would you do if you witnessed aggressive behaviour? This week we looked at each of our chosen topics and the social element of each area. Domestic abuse and domestic violence is perceived differently by everybody whether it be by … Continue reading

Deadlines Galore! With a side order of stress.

Today I decided to put the majority of this years Uni deadlines in my diary – like a map of a mine field! I realised that between Uni work, deadlines and my job that… I am not destined to socialise. … Continue reading

TECH1502-18 Lecture Summary 014

This is a short summary of the topics that will be covered in the fourteenth lecture for TECH1502 Introduction to Community Media,

Continue reading

Christmas Respite And New Years Delight!

Finally we are all back into the beginnings of a healthy routine…. Yeah right! How many people are glad Christmas is over? and we can now focus on trying to gym off the residual extra helping of Turkey & Cranberry … Continue reading