BusinessWorks: Student-led Community Projects: Dr Robert Bradshaw

These student-led projects provide a method to capture skills and knowledge from across the university to provide creative solutions to live business problems. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr Robert Bradshaw… AACSB … Continue reading

Threshold Concepts: Rachel Wells

Rachel reflects on the barriers to learning challenging language and use of knowledge in the stressful profession of Midwifery. She discusses the use of Experiential Learning in a safe environment in developing student progress over Thresholds to enable Transformative learning. … Continue reading

Fostering Intrinsic Motivation in Students: Bernadette Waldron

Bernadette reflects on fostering intrinsic motivation of nursing students, through Active and Experiential Learning.  She discusses the use of Emotional Intelligence methodology to develop their professional skills within the sensitive world of nursing. She discusses how she has changed her … Continue reading

Global employability opportunities: Mark Prescod

The presenter will talk about his own #DMUglobal experience of running a faculty-led field trip to Copenhagen. Many of the soft skills desired by employers can be developed on an international experience. … Continue reading

DMU Square Mile: David Hollis

SquareMile uses academic expertise and a network of student volunteers to offer potentially life-changing services in Leicester. This presentation highlights Square Mile’s current drive to increase the number of students working as mentors in schools within the local community. … Continue reading

Simulated Practice and Changes in Assessment: Nikki Welyczko

In this clip Nikki discusses the transformation of the student learning experience through the use of simulated practice and reflective self and peer assessment.  She uses simulations to integrate theory and practice, and skills can be developed in a safe … Continue reading

Creative Technologies: Dr Sophy Smith

This is an interesting clip where Dr Smith explains how she engages students from a diverse range of disciplines to engage in transdisciplinary learning for creative technologies. She explains how she works on breaking down discipline barriers to learning different … Continue reading

Student Centred Learning Styles and Simulations: Dr Alison Statham

This clip outlines an inspiring example of experiential approaches to understanding theory and practice.  The Experiential and Constructionist learning styles are student centred pedagogic methods which allow the learner to be challenged.  These approaches aim to foster reflective learning and … Continue reading