Home Made Dumplings

Hey, this blog is about making homemade dumplings. As you may have read before about my experience of tasting my first real Chinese food, and how I usually make it at home, well I decided to make them again and show you. This was a family social by the way. My mum and sister helped … Continue reading Home Made Dumplings

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My Very First Proper Chinese

Ok guys, so I’ve never really eaten Chinese food, actually I should say a proper Chinese meal. Being very use to cooking at home and not eating out very much, I usually just tend to make different cuisines at home. But this time I actually went out to try the real deal. Being vegetarian, it … Continue reading My Very First Proper Chinese

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The GREAT Festival 2015 – A message from the Vice Chancellor

As you will know, DMU has this week been flying the flag for UK universities as part of the British Government’s GREAT Festival of Creativity, led by HRH the Duke of Cambridge. I wanted to let you have an update on … Continue reading