Uses of Social Media

There is never going to be a substitute for face-to-face communication, but we have seen since the alphabet, to the telephone and now the Internet, that whenever people find a new way to communicate, they will flock to it. – … Continue reading

Final Review – DMU Friends TV

As my final blog post as part of my social media project, I felt it was necessary to evaluate how the whole journey has gone right from the beginning until the end. Just like in Friends the TV show everything … Continue reading

The One with the East German laundry detergent

Two weeks ago now we had our first DMU Friends TV event! And for something that’s just starting out it went alright. With only the members of our group we didn’t expect to fill up the laundry room but we … Continue reading

Creating ‘Friends in Leicester’

As I mentioned before my group and I are creating a Friends themed event in Leicester. Mostly brought on by our love of Friends and it’s recent 20th Anniversary! But we’ve started doing some planning for it and I’ve started … Continue reading

The Pilot…

How You Doin’? Social Media and Technology has thrown another task my way with the job of setting up a social event in which members of the public can join in with. With a select group of people (Hannah, Zoe … Continue reading

Belated Happy New Year!!

3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Okay I did start writing this earlier on in the week but as time goes on you just forget things. So as everyone knows we came to the end of 2015 and it went … Continue reading

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

Part 2 – Enter Santa Claus Christmas for me is over. In my house our decorations are still up, colours are as loud and proud as ever and lights are still tinkling off the tree. But for me the initial … Continue reading