DIYDMU Podcast 012

Tonight’s podcast gave John Coster and myself some insight into the work of Ulike Kubatta, a documentary film maker who recently joined us at De Montfort University. Ulrike’s friend and DJ, Martina Giesa told us about her love of original R&B music, while J and Toc gave us some insight into the mind of millenials […]

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A film clip to remember…

So, I have an upcoming filming project which I am basing around my blog topic Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence. The concept is inspired by the abuse awareness adverts and public service messages I had previously seen, so I have … Continue reading

A journey to survival

Just a short post today about some research I am doing into the actual organisations that support people going through some of the things in my previous posts. I recently reached out to two local organisations that help to support … Continue reading

Community Media and a Stronger Sense of Community

There are two articles about community and community media that are worth reading from today’s Guardian. The first is a brief account by Anna Bawden of the role of community media in the UK, and the potential for a not-for-profit focus on the new Small Scale DAB proposals. “Lucinda Guy, chair of the Community Media […]

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I’m not a Celebrity, but get me out of here!

I have focused on many highlighted cases in the public eye and even covered some celebrities, but today I had the chance to meet a real victim of abusive behaviour. She did not wish to be recorded, photographed or named … Continue reading

Around the world in 80 hits! Pt 2

In part one we looked at the contrast of peoples reaction from religion & violence to non symbolic public violence. We also began the venture into cultural practices and acts of abuse starting with FGC/FGM. Today I want to look … Continue reading

Around the world in 80 hits! Pt 1

The journey of finding out more about domestic violence or abuse takes me to another area. Following my last post about acts of violence in public I posed the question, what would you do? I want to revisit the experiment … Continue reading

What would you do?

What would you do if you witnessed aggressive behaviour? This week we looked at each of our chosen topics and the social element of each area. Domestic abuse and domestic violence is perceived differently by everybody whether it be by … Continue reading

Deadlines Galore! With a side order of stress.

Today I decided to put the majority of this years Uni deadlines in my diary – like a map of a mine field! I realised that between Uni work, deadlines and my job that… I am not destined to socialise. … Continue reading