My Birthday Surprise

It was my Birthday on Sunday and unfortunately I didn’t get to spend it with my Uni friends because they were very busy, so I went back home. Every year I tell my family, “if you’re going to get a cake, get it from cake box. They are just AMAZING!” But back home it takes a bit to … Continue reading My Birthday Surprise

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My friends made me lunch!!!

Usually it’s me doing most of the cooking, but this time, my friend cooked for me. She taught me something really simple but very appetising when you’re craving carbs and cheese. Lots of cheese! She started off with making a cheese sauce. With the basic white sauce you would use for lasagne. Butter, milk, and … Continue reading My friends made me lunch!!!

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Home Made Dumplings

Hey, this blog is about making homemade dumplings. As you may have read before about my experience of tasting my first real Chinese food, and how I usually make it at home, well I decided to make them again and show you. This was a family social by the way. My mum and sister helped … Continue reading Home Made Dumplings

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My Very First Proper Chinese

Ok guys, so I’ve never really eaten Chinese food, actually I should say a proper Chinese meal. Being very use to cooking at home and not eating out very much, I usually just tend to make different cuisines at home. But this time I actually went out to try the real deal. Being vegetarian, it … Continue reading My Very First Proper Chinese

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Introducing the Open Schools Network

At the end of the 2014/2015 school year, the DigiLit Leicester project put out an open call to all schools in the Leicester City Council’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Programme to participate in a new collaborative open schools … Continue reading

TEDx Leicester – Open and Connected Learning: Transforming School Practice

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the first ever TEDx Leicester. I looked at why open and connected learning is a critical priority for the schools sector, and looked at some of the exciting work taking place … Continue reading