Dyslexic Learners: Julie Lowe

Julie discusses the importance of supporting students at DMU as the university has a high proportion of students with learning differences. She evaluates the importance of inclusivity at DMU especially in the regard to the government changes in funding to … Continue reading

Research Informed Teaching & Learning: Dr Valeria Guarneros-Meza

Valeria reflects on her own transition from researcher to teacher of Politics. She has embedded the pedagogic method  of Inquiry Based Learning into her teaching.  This enables her to develop a research informed approach to an academic subject, allowing the … Continue reading

Teaching and Assessing Troublesome Knowledge: Dr Nicola Ward

Dr Ward reflects on the challenges of teaching a subject that students do not immediately see as relevant to their chosen path of study and future profession in Pharmacy.  Being mindful of the diverse student group and the diverse client … Continue reading

Fostering Intrinsic Motivation in Students: Bernadette Waldron

Bernadette reflects on fostering intrinsic motivation of nursing students, through Active and Experiential Learning.  She discusses the use of Emotional Intelligence methodology to develop their professional skills within the sensitive world of nursing. She discusses how she has changed her … Continue reading

Fostering Compassion, Courage and Compassion in Mental Health Nursing Students: Barry Farnsworth

This is a useful clip of the development of Barry’s approach to students studying the sensitive work of Mental Health Nursing. He evaluates the characteristics students need to develop to be able to be effective practitioners in the field. This … Continue reading

Work based Practice Nursing Learning and Teaching: Allison Brindley

This is an excellent evaluation of Alison’s professional development through taking the PGCert in HE at DMU. Alison has enhanced her delivery of updating the work of Practice Nurses in doctors’ surgeries. Through her participation in the PGCert in HE … Continue reading

Work Based Learning: Jackie Martin

Jackie outlines how she supports and assesses the newly qualified Social Workers as they work. (ASYE) The Distance learning resources are all on Blackboard, with the underpinning pedagogic theory of Gibbs and his extended learning cycle which included feelings.  It … Continue reading

Transformational learning: Linda Ralphs

The clip reflects on the psychology behind how students can experience ‘deep learning’.  Linda analyses how to develop critical reflection through the students learning experience.  She looks at the way students learn and how to open their frames of references … Continue reading

Scenario Based Learning: Annette Crisp

This clip examines the different ways students learn the use of ‘realistic’ simulations and the concepts of gamification which largely suits the current world the students experience.  Using simulations is seen as engaging and motivational for students in gaining new … Continue reading