Showcasing our photographic history collections

Special Collections was pleased to be invited to prepare a pop-up display for the Photographic History Research Centre annual conference. The conference theme is Material Practices of Visual History. The case includes a brochure from the Kodak Collection library; a … Continue reading

Lion, Tigers and Bears (oh my!)

            Get it? Because its a lion, a tiger and a bear… Haha? no ok. In our latest meeting, Egle brought these drawings that she’d recently done to the table. We all ‘ooed’ and ‘awed’ at her drawings and I felt as if although we all enjoyed drawing and colouring … Continue reading Lion, Tigers and Bears (oh my!)

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‘Scientifical’ Investigations

Ok so if you didn’t read my last blog post: You can read it here. It was very thought provoking for me… I decided to do some experiments since I’m very scientifical (wink wink). That’s definitely not a word but just go with it. The small experiment was conducted with four different people. I sent … Continue reading ‘Scientifical’ Investigations

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Crep Check

Crep check, m8. Look at our wicked cool shoes bro. Egle’s shoe on the left and Fiona’s on the right. And there’s some shameless self-promo as well… I love this next photo because look at the concentration on Egle’s face. She is so invested in that trainer. “This trainer will be a goddamn masterpiece.” That’s … Continue reading Crep Check

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Face Painting

This week, the extreme colouring squad decided that we’d be each others colouring books and paint on each other’s faces. We didn’t discover that anyone had any talents at face paints though and I didn’t have mine done. I was too uptight about being called out at work for looking like a idiot. Fiona looked … Continue reading Face Painting

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Everyone…Gather Around

Ok so, everyone gather around…this is the plan. Oh and get ready… this post is long. As you may know if you’ve read my past blog posts, The Extreme Colouring Squad are planning some exciting projects for 2017 and as its now January, its time to delve into them. As of this week, regular Extreme … Continue reading Everyone…Gather Around

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