Researching with marginalised communities ethically: Contradictions in ‘doing’ feminist research

This month’s seminar was delivered by Sana Rizvi, who explored the contradictions of ‘doing’ feminist research, and how the materiality of engaging in fieldwork magnifies the gap between ‘ideal’ versus ‘actual’ feminist ways of conducting research. Drawing on her doctoral … Continue reading

Evidence-informed practice – much talk and little action

Professor Sarah Younie, Professor of Educational Innovation at De Montfort University, writes about evidence-informed practice in education contexts. This blog was first published as a BERA Blog in October 2017. Note: MESH is an international education sector owned and managed initiative, … Continue reading

IEF Seminar: Teacher’s Digital Literacy Development: a grounded theory investigation

We have a forthcoming seminar being led by Lucy Atkins, a PhD student, on 21st November from 1-2pm, For more information about Lucy’s work see her website: Or follow the hashtag #digilitPhD The seminar will be held in Edith Murphy House, … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

So yesterday was Mothering Sunday, better known in society nowadays as ‘Mother’s Day.’ Although almost everybody celebrates mothering Sunday it is actually a holiday that Catholic and Protestant Christians are supposed to celebrate, but everybody seems to celebrate the day, religious or not. Just … Continue reading

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