Introduction to Enterprise & Entrepreneurship – The Fox’s Lair! Dr Ed Thompson & Andrew Nicholson

A first year undergraduate enterprise project strongly linked to SMEs and entrepreneurs. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr Ed Thompson & Andrew Nicholson… AACSB Innovations That Inspire – Fox’s Lair … Continue reading

Promoting Undergraduate Research: Dr Alison Statham

In Partnership with the Political Studies Association, DMU Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) launched a national undergraduate research conference in Politics, International Relations, and related disciplines. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr … Continue reading

Global employability opportunities: Mark Prescod

The presenter will talk about his own #DMUglobal experience of running a faculty-led field trip to Copenhagen. Many of the soft skills desired by employers can be developed on an international experience. … Continue reading

Simulated Practice and Changes in Assessment: Nikki Welyczko

In this clip Nikki discusses the transformation of the student learning experience through the use of simulated practice and reflective self and peer assessment.  She uses simulations to integrate theory and practice, and skills can be developed in a safe … Continue reading

Using Wiki and Blogs: Ros Lishman

In this clip Ros Lishman explains assessment via e-portfolio development for Housing practitioners.  Descriptive and reflective writing skills progress with on-line interaction with tutors.  She emphasises the importance of the use of transferable skills and the benefits of the ability … Continue reading