Introduction to Enterprise & Entrepreneurship – The Fox’s Lair! Dr Ed Thompson & Andrew Nicholson

A first year undergraduate enterprise project strongly linked to SMEs and entrepreneurs. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr Ed Thompson & Andrew Nicholson… AACSB Innovations That Inspire – Fox’s Lair … Continue reading

Promoting Undergraduate Research: Dr Alison Statham

In Partnership with the Political Studies Association, DMU Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) launched a national undergraduate research conference in Politics, International Relations, and related disciplines. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr … Continue reading

BusinessWorks: Student-led Community Projects: Dr Robert Bradshaw

These student-led projects provide a method to capture skills and knowledge from across the university to provide creative solutions to live business problems. A DMU Leicester Castle Business School submission to AACSB’s ‘Innovations That Inspire’ by Dr Robert Bradshaw… AACSB … Continue reading

Students’ Perspectives on Employability: Amie Chapman

Actions, initiatives and approaches of De Montfort Students’ Union in addressing the employability of students. … Continue reading

Placement success through partnership: Sam Dalby, Gemma Harris, Robin Kaur and Nicola Johnson

Work Based Learning Officers from each Faculty give examples of diverse collaborations with academic staff to support placement opportunities. … Continue reading

Working together to embed employability: Zoe Allman and Alison Skellern

The presenters will discuss how they worked together toco-deliver the first year Media Production compulsory module ‘Technology Fundamentals’. The session will cover: Rationale for this delivery method; what was delivered and how; and views from the academic and careers adviser … Continue reading

Global employability opportunities: Mark Prescod

The presenter will talk about his own #DMUglobal experience of running a faculty-led field trip to Copenhagen. Many of the soft skills desired by employers can be developed on an international experience. … Continue reading

What employers really want: David Gordon

The percentage of graduates achieving a 2:1 or 1st has never been higher, and this has created increased competition for graduate jobs. This presentation gives DMU staff an insight into what assessors at large companies really look for when they … Continue reading

Employability in Psychology: Lee Hadlington

This presentation will outline the key components of a compulsory final year module in Employability, developed for Psychology students in 2010. Key challenges and plans for future development will also be explored. … Continue reading

Virtual Scenarios and Inquiry Based Learning: Mark Fowler

In this clip Mark Fowler explains the ‘realistic’ scenarios within the field of Forensic Science.  He underlines the effectiveness of an Inquiry Based Learning approach as an appropriate pedagogic method in this applied scientific field. He explains the benefits to … Continue reading