DIY-DMU Social Platforms Development Session

Yesterday I organised and ran a training session with colleagues in the Media, Design and Production subject group, in the Leicester Media School. The aim of the session was to introduce and familiarise colleagues with the social media platforms that we have available, and that I’ve been developing over the last few years. At DMU […]

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Social Media Production Development Themes

There is a useful and important question that we can ask about social media, and what we understand to be the emerging role of the social media producer. Does our view of people shape the methodology that we adopt in thinking about social media, or does our view of the available methodologies shape the way […]

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Students inspiring journey with BusinessWorks Programme

I am a current DMU student and I volunteer with the BusinessWorks programme which supports a local charity organisation based in Leicester writes postgraduate student, Linh Nguyen. BusinesWorks is an innovative programme which aims to engage organisations and/or businesses with students … Continue reading

Employability Themed Blogs: The Winners have been Announced!

Here at Square Mile we strive to enhance experience and employability for students throughout their time at DMU by providing unique opportunities. Our latest blog competition was aimed at finding out how our opportunities had enhanced student volunteers employability and their … Continue reading

Blog Winner: Janvi Pala gains crucial employability skills

With my initial interest in primary education, I began my volunteering journey in my first year with DSU volunteering, where I was part of the ‘Right to read’ programme at Imperial Avenue School writes Square Mile paired reading volunteer, Janvi … Continue reading